P.S. This means Dr. Ferdière that in reality since 1934 something has been broken in the order of succession of time and that 1943, the 1943 in which we are actually living, is not situated in time 9 years after 1934, in which we staked our entire destiny, but is a year which in space strangely neighbors on the other year and is one might say parallel with it because the essential resolutions that were taken in 1934 were carried out and received their material consecration in the year 1943.

-Antonin Artaud 1944

Time. Good time. Snake time. Traveling through time, clothes dissolving. Glass growing then stopping. Immortal stone golems look on. Time scattering, centered on nodal points expanding into fields. The time garden revolves, inverts: a series of interlocking hedges. Future time collapses. In the old time, the cows were dogs. The rocks were people. When traveling through time the most important thing is to forget the future. You carry your head in a backpack behind you. You spill your milk and it floats forward, slowing then stopping. A snake grows legs and then drowns itself. 

-Chase Biado 2044

























1. still life, 2013
wood, mirrors,wine glasses, 5-hour Energy: extra strength berry

2. old man, 2013
digital print
30 x 36 in.

3. young man, 2013
digital print
30 x 36 in.

4. carriage, 2013
plaster, pumice, foam

5. calander, 2013
plaster, candles