on a plane of sadness

A SLUG: Hark! A horde approaches. [a distant horn is heard]

A GNAT: I don’t hear anything.

A SLUG: There are banners, and skulls and muscles.

A GNAT: Well, what should we do?

A SLUG: We could run. Hordes are known to be violent.

A GNAT: You’ll never outrun them.

A SLUG: Well, don’t you have some kind of incantation?

A GNAT: Right, okay, hold on a second. [pulls out a tiny harp] [singing] Oh, great Orb! We, humble geniuses are beholden to your infinite power and majesty! [makes an incomprehensible gesture] Praise be your everything and your always! By the law of the wizards, I beseech thee for a miracle, raining fire, or what have you!

[They wait. A breeze drifts by and then nothing.1]

A SLUG: I don’t think it worked.

A GNAT: Well, why don’t you try?

A SLUG: I’m an atheist.

A GNAT: Well what are they doing now?

A SLUG: They’re coming closer. The leader is covered in flowers.

A GNAT: Well that doesn’t sound so bad, maybe we should join them.

A SLUG: Alas! You might be able to join them, but I don’t have the temperament for war.

A GNAT: I would never leave you, my beauty. I love you.

1. Troll politics. Or the sovereignty of cracks and gullies? Nothing as some sort of… memory? A furor.
Everywhere––fur poking out of nicely kempt cuffs and collars. All the real sculptures are buried somewhere.






























1. sad barbaric, 2011
digital print

2. iiiiiiiiiii..., 2011
feathers, plaster, flail

3. m, 2011
dirt, speaker, audio

4. cosmic joke, 2011

5. mushroom, 2011

6. k, 2011
velvet, fake fur, steel